Deadpool soon to be introduced to the MCU?

News culture Deadpool soon to be introduced to the MCU?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems very open for its phase 4, and the arrival of the Disney + series further expands the universe while opening many avenues. This results in multiple rumors, including that of the integration of Deadpool.

You may know, Deadpool has already had two feature films by being played by Ryan Reynolds. But since Loki’s end on Disney +, rumors have been rife about adding a bridge between the character and the MCU. It is Melty who relays this rumor by stating that Loki could definitely to pass in the camp of the “good ones”, in order to repair the errors of Sylvie, to whom we owe the official introduction of the multiverse . The perfect opportunity to introduce the character from phase 4, but we are never sure of anything with the God of Malice. Still, Deadpool’s arrival in the MCU remain very fuzzy.

First, a third film is already in production, which necessarily shifts possible projects. In addition, Ryan Reynolds has, as previously reported Screenrant at the time, estimated Deadpool’s arrival in the MCU during Phase 5. If he’s right, the character’s introduction really isn’t for tomorrow. In all cases, only Disney and Marvel have the answer to this question, and we will have to wait for an official announcement or a denial to be sure.

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