Berserk: posthumous chapter 364 offers 24 emotional pages to the work of Kentaro Miura

News culture Berserk: posthumous chapter 364 offers 24 emotional pages to the work of Kentaro Miura

Eight months and terrible news separate us from the release of chapter 363 which ended with an unexpected meeting for Guts. Today and four months after the tragic death of Kentaro Miura, the magazine Young Animals which publishes the manga has just published a posthumous chapter, the 364, the last work of the hand of the famous mangaka.

The announcement was relayed last month and we told you, at the time, with a grain of salt pending official confirmation from Young Animals magazine which did not appear when the information was circulating. But, even today, all this has become very official since chapter 364 has just been published.

Twenty pages rich in emotions for all the characters imagined by Kentaro Miura, a kind of farewell from the creator through this chapter, titled after translation “A tear like the morning dew”.

At the very end of it, the magazine Young Animal published a press release intended for all fans of Kentaro Miura’s work who mourn his departure and the abrupt end of the manga to which he has devoted all his life. . In this message, the magazine thanks all the readers for their continued support as well as the members of the Gaga studio, a collective of assistants created by the mangaka, who made it possible to bring the manuscript left by Miura to life.

However, it is with great sadness that they announced that they have no information to share about Berserk’s future at this time but that he will always make manga a priority. It remains to be seen whether the work will stop definitively with this chapter or if the track of a cover of the work by studio Gaga and Miura’s assistants is possible for Young Animal magazine.

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