Battlefield 2042 available with SN750 NVMe Western Digital SSD

Good plan news Battlefield 2042 available with SN750 NVMe Western Digital SSD

Amazon is currently offering a very special operation: for any purchase of a WD_Black SN750 SE SSD, an access code for Battlefield 42 is offered to you! Knowing that in addition, the 500 GB version of the SSD is on sale at -27%, we are clearly in front of a great deal!

To benefit from this promotion, all you have to do is buy one of the WD_Black SN750 SE SSDs on the page below. You’ll get a choice of either the 500GB or the 1TB model, but both have read speeds of up to 3600MB / s which is great!

Battlefield 2042 is one of the big releases of this year! Scheduled for October 22, this game lays new foundations in the field of multiplayer FPS. Indeed, the latter proposes to bring together all the fans of the various games of the license in gigantic battles.

Indeed, it will be possible, via a system of portals and modding, to be able to play with weapons of the Second World War on a futuristic map and so on. This is possible thanks to the in-game tool, which gives great freedom to create and modify in-game moments!

Battlefield 2042 : notre preview

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DICE had announced that the mode presented tonight would be a love letter to fans of the license and it looks like they weren’t lying. With Battlefield Portal, 2042 intends to strike a blow by giving its community all the keys to develop and share the Battlefield experience of its dreams. The creative freedom sounds awesome, especially for those willing to dig into the rule editor. Finally, the only thing missing in Battlefield Portal is a map creation tool to make it a real “FPS Maker”. On its own, this multiplayer pan should offer gargantuan content. It was already clear when it was announced, it is even more clear today, Battlefield 2042 wants to celebrate the license and its players like no other opus before it. Battlefield Portal seems like the perfect way to do it.

For more on Battlefield 2042, you can check out the full full preview.

Battlefield 2042 available with SN750 NVMe Western Digital SSD

The WD_Black SN750 SE SSD: why it is so interesting

First of all, its format: SSDs are hard drives that use a different technology from conventional hard drives. More compact, more reliable and faster, SSDs tend to be democratized and their prices drop regularly.

This WD_Black SN750 SE is interesting in addition, because it deploys a write speed of 3600 MB / s and it is based on NVMe technology. With this type of configuration, you will be able to give your PC a good boost.

Usually available around 130 €, it is currently available at Amazon for less than 95 € in its 500 GB version.

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