Apple VS Epic Games: justice delivers its verdict in the case between the two giants

News business Apple VS Epic Games: justice delivers its verdict in the case between the two giants

The historic trial between the two American giants, Apple and Epic Games, finally delivers its verdict after many months of waiting. The result of this trial, which ended on May 24, after more than 16 days of testimony, was to be announced by Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers last August at the earliest. Unfortunately, the review of the 4,500 pages of the file took a little longer than expected.

It did not take two and a half months to know the final decision, but three and a half months. And justice, through Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, has chosen its side since the judge issued a permanent injunction against Apple and thus ruled in favor of Epic Games in a legal fight that had lasted for months.

Thus, Apple sees itself in the obligation to authorize the iOS applications available on the store to direct users to payment options other than those provided by the company.. This injunction is not directly applicable but will take effect within 90 days, which brings us to December 9. However, this injunction may possibly be overturned through a higher court and Apple may well appeal this decision.

However, justice has not been completely lenient with regard to Epic Games since it considers that the implementation of its alternative payment system within the Fortnite application constitutes a violation of the contract that binds the video game company to Apple. As a result, Epic Games must pay $ 3.5 million in compensation to Apple, which corresponds to 30% of the revenues collected thanks to the alternative system set up by the firm of Tim Sweeney.

Similarly, justice considers itself to be in disagreement with the definitions of the market provided by the two parties. and states that ” court cannot ultimately conclude that Apple has a monopoly under federal or state antitrust laws ». On the contrary, the court ruled that ” lawsuit showed Apple is engaging in anti-competitive behavior under California competition laws ».

On both sides, the reactions are mixed : Apple welcomes this judgment regarding the non-violation of antitrust laws, while Epic Games is however disappointed with the order which “ does not represent a victory for developers or consumers ”Nor good news for the establishment of fair competition according to Tim Sweeney.

If you wish, the whole judgment is available via the article published by our colleagues at TheVerge.

Apple VS Epic Games: justice delivers its verdict in the case between the two giants

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